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Postdoctoral Researcher
   Humboldt Alumna

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Research Activity

2014 – 2016
2011 – 2014  
2011 – 2018
2009 – 2011  

CNES Research Fellow, 'Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon' (CRAL), Lyon, France.
Guest Researcher, 'Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik' (AIP), Potsdam, Germany.
Postdoctoral Researcher, 'Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg', France.
Humboldt Research Fellow, independently funded postdoc, 'Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik', Potsdam, Germany.
Long term research stays, Universities of Lyon/Potsdam/Hawaii (France/Germany/USA).
Summer Schools, 5 in France, 1 in China.
Internships, 2 in the USA, 1 in France.
Education and Diplomas

2011 – 2014  


2008 – 2011    

2005 – 2008  


PhD in Astrophysics, Cosmology with the Highest Honors (Magna Cum Laude), Universities of Lyon/Potsdam
(France/Germany), Defense June 12th. (Link towards PhD in English)
ENS Lyon additional diploma, France ; high criteria: mobility, language and interdisciplinarity.
Bachelor of Science and Master’s degree, honors in (Astro)Physics (top 10 %), Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon), leading French scientific institution, entrance exams.
Post secondary classes: preparing for entrance to the ‘Grandes Ecoles’, Lyon, France.
Baccalauréat ( High School Diploma) scientific, highest honors, Bourgoin, France.

Prizes, Grants and Computer Time

– 2019
2015 – tdy

2014 – 2016  
2011 – 2014  
2009 – 2013  
2006 – 2011  

PNCG collaboration grant, 1 k€
LIA Origins France-China & CRAL Incentive actions collaboration grants, 4.5 k
CNES independent postdoctoral research fellowship, ~ 55 k€
Juan de la Cierva independent postdoctoral research fellowship, ~ 50 k€, declined
Award 'l'Oreal-UNESCO, for women in science', 20 k€

PI of 1 project at LRZ & Co-PI of 1 Gauss proposal: 22.3m + 86m cpu-hours
Co-I of 3 projects on JURECA and 1 project at LRZ: 6.5+30m cpu-hours
Young researcher's prize of Lyon city, 5.4 k
66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, selected and fully funded, ~5 k€
Humboldt independent postdoctoral research fellowship, ~ 84 k€
Ph.D. grant, Department of the higher education and scientific research, ~102 k€
Explora’sup & ’doc (x3), Mobility (x1) grants, Rhône-Alpes County, ~7.8 k€
Merit Scholarship, Department of National Education, ~31 k€
Scientific vocation prize, Department in charge of the equality between women & men, 800 €
Teaching and Supervision Activities

Since 2016
Since 2012   

2010 – 2014 

Supervision, 3 one-year Bachelor-Thesis
Supervision, High School Students’ Training, Lyon, France, in April each year.
Teaching, computer science, science of the Universe, mathematics, private lessons, total > 450h.

Responsibilities and Scientific Mediation

Since 2011    

Since 2004     

Responsibilities: Member of the 4MOST, Euclid and
IVOA, ASTERICS (DADI) consortia, Referee for scientific journals, innovative teaching methods, member of the AAS, IAU and SF2A, preparation of exams, loc, soc, chair, organization of seminars.
Scientific Mediation: more than 10 types of actions, 4 countries, including Astroweek, interviews, co-panelist Nobel Laureate Pr. Schmidt, Science Slam, Science fair and open houses, general public conferences.

Publications ( Detailed list )

Since 2012    

33 (30 rank A) publications accepted, 671 citations and h-index 12, 19 (16 rank A) publications accepted, 259 citations and h-index 8 as first
author (as of 12/26/2018).

Oral Communications ( Detailed list )

Since 2011

Since 2012  

Colloquia: 28 seminars, 20 institutes, 8 countries, China, UK, France, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Israel, USA.
Conferences: 31 talks, 5 posters, 25 cities, 14 countries, Finland, Switzerland, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, USA, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Israel, Vietnam, China.

Other attended conferences/workshops & Visited institutes abroad

Since 2012   

Since 2010     

Conferences/workshops: 14 other conferences, 11 cities, 6 countries, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Germany, UK.

Visited (for more than a day in a row) institutes (outside France, besides conferences):
12 institutes, 8 countries, total: about 3.6 years, China, Germany, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Israel, USA, Switzerland.


French: native                                English: fluent                                Italian: fluent
                                German: fair                  

Japanese: basic notions              Spanish: basic notions

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